Original Formulator

Since 2011 AAJNL Nutrition (Formerly Phoenix Meds/Phoenix OTC) has Changed Lives and revolutionized the Dietary industry with innovative products such as Lipovingual® the FIRST and only Oral Lipotropic (Fat Burning Amino Acids) and B-Vitamins formula, Lipovitasine® Capsules packed with B-Vitamins and Fat burning Amino Acids, Bodivitaminosine® capsules packed with B-Vitamins, Fat burning Amino Acids, and ingredients to Tone/Shape the body. We are constantly researching and adding new products to our line.

If you are a Doctor/Clinic looking for Injections/Medications wholesale and or you may have lost your supplier, we partner with two 503b Pharmacies to meet your needs. Click on "Meds Wholesale" for more information and or to register for an account.